Introducing 'Professional insights'

The section, formerly known as 'Research and insights' has been redeveloped and is now called 'Professional insights'. Please update your bookmark.

About Professional insights

Professional insights exists to promote the most recent and high profile research being produced by ACCA.

We have grouped research articles into five themes. Currently, these are:

  • Global economics
  • Professional accountants - the future
  • Risk
  • Supporting the global profession; and
  • Technology.

Each piece of research is introduced by an article that quickly and easily whets your appetite about the subject. If you are keen to find out more, we will then take you to the technical article that makes the full PDF available to download.

We hope that new professional insights hub will help you keep on top of the research coming out of ACCA.


As with any new development, we are keen to make sure we are giving our customers the information they need, in a way that's easy to access.  We have prepared a short feedback questionnaire (only three questions).

Please visit the new professional insights hub and complete the short questionnaire (available at the end of each article). We'd love to know what you think!