Fully on-demand CBEs

We believe that computer-based exams (CBEs) offer students the flexibility they need to progress through the first stages of the qualification. During 2014 we will be encouraging Foundation level students and ACCA Qualification students studying Papers F1–F3 to choose CBE over paper exams, where CBE centres are accessible.

The move to a fully CBE model is a change to the way things are done now and we appreciate that it needs to be rolled out slowly. For that reason over the next few years we will be working with target markets to remove paper exams on a market by market basis. The first target markets are Oman, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

The aim is that from January 2015 these countries will only offer CBEs for Foundation level exams and ACCA Qualification Papers F1–F3, meaning that the last paper session in these first target markets, for these exams, will be December 2014. We will be working closely with learning providers in those markets to ensure that that they have the time and support to help students through this transition.