Corporate and Business Law (LW) essentials on one page

What is LW about?
Corporate and Business Law develops a core level of knowledge and skills around a general legal framework in the context of business.

LW: an overview

LW recognises that candidates are potential accountants, rather than potential lawyers. The aim is to develop knowledge and skills in the understanding of the general legal framework, specific business areas and when to seek specialist legal advice where necessary.

Flowchart illustrating the essential elements of the UK legal system including the court system and sources of law

Steps to success

  • If possible, study with an approved learning partner and with approved learning content
  • Study the whole syllabus
  • Practice exam standard questions, to time, including the specimen exam and practice tests
  • Ensure you are competent working in the computer-based exam environment
  • Attempt at least two full exams under exam conditions, debrief your answers, then focus your study on weaker areas
  • Book your CBE exam in advance at one of the on demand CBE centres.

Key resources

Our On-demand CBE hub has lots of useful resources, including:

  • Articles and podcasts
  • ACCA-X
  • Specimen exams and debrief videos
  • Practice tests
  • Information on booking exams

Additional resources

Tackling the exam

Section A (70 marks)

  • 25 objective test (OT) questions, each worth two marks
  • 20 objective test (OT) questions, each worth 1 mark.

Tips for answering OT questions

  • Read the question carefully
  • Think before answering, don’t rush!
  • If not sure, eliminate other answers to help find the correct answer
  • Answer all questions even if unsure of the answer.

Section B (30 marks)

  • Five six-mark multi-task questions, each containing a scenario and a series of related tasks.

Tips for answering multi-task questions

  • Read and ensure you understand the scenario
  • Read the questions carefully
  • Think before answering, don’t rush!
  • Answer all questions even if unsure of the answer
  • Attempt exam standard questions as possible along with the practice tests and specimen exam.