CBE exam technique

Good exam technique alongside good technical knowledge is key to exam success. But what is good exam technique in Advanced Taxation, how do you improve these skills and what about the professional skills marks? 


Exam technique covers many areas including identifying all requirements and allowing sufficient time to analyse and answer all parts of the question.


The resources below will help you identify the elements of good exam technique in ATX as well as building your understanding of what professional marks are and how they are awarded.

Video: Tutor review of the March 2020 ATX exam (CBE)

In this video, expert tutor Aileen Edgar from Learnsignal reviews the March 2020 ATX exam, focusing on his key exam technique tips. View in alternative player


If you’d like to practice the ATX March 2020 CBE, you can download the graphical representation and use a blank workspace in the ACCA Practice Platform to complete your answers. 

    ATX: March 2020 exam debrief (CBE)