Inheritance tax and capital gains tax for Paper P6 (UK) - part 1: self-test answers

Test your understanding: answers

(1). Maddox

The sale of the cars has no IHT implications because it will not have resulted in a fall in the value of Maddox’ estate. This is on the assumption that the cars were sold for market value.

However, when Maddox acquires the unquoted shares, he will effectively have exchanged assets that do not qualify for business property relief (cars) for assets that do (unquoted shares). This will reduce the amount of IHT that will eventually be due on the whole of his estate.

There will be no CGT implications on the sale of the cars because they are exempt assets.

A chargeable gain or allowable loss will arise on a future disposal of the shares in XR3i Ltd. Gift relief will be available if the shares are gifted rather than sold.

. Cortina

The gift of the painting is a potentially exempt transfer. Cortina may have an IHT liability if the relative were to die within seven years of the gift. The liability will depend on the value of the painting, the relative’s available nil rate band, and the availability of taper relief (by reference to the period of time between the gift and the death of the relative).

The painting will also increase the value of Cortina’s estate for the purposes of IHT.

Cortina’s CGT base cost in the painting will be its market value at the time of the gift. A painting is not a qualifying asset for the purposes of gift relief.