CBE question practice - ACCA Practice Platform

Question practice is a vital part of exam preparation. Being able to practice in the CBE environment provides a fantastic opportunity to get fully prepared for the real exam.


To take your question practice to the next level make sure you debrief your answers using the detailed marking guide contained in the practice platform. For more guidance watch our effective debriefing and self-marking video.

Using CBE question practice resources

The ACCA Practice Platform contains a number of full CBE exams. These are fully aligned to the current exam syllabus, format and structure.

The Practice Platform allows you to:

  • attempt questions to time 
  • mark and debrief your answers using a detailed marking guide and suggested answer

Use your myACCA account to log in to the Practice Platform

And you can view our support page for further information on how to use the platform.

Session CBEs for the Strategic Professional exams will be introduced in selected locations from March 2020. To get the most out of the Practice Platform exams they should be built into a planned study schedule - ideally whilst studying with an ACCA Approved Learning Partner

There are two types of practice exam resource within the Practice Platform:

  • Specimen exam

    The specimen exam indicates how the exam will be assessed, structured and the likely style and range of questions that could be asked. These can be used to get familiar with the exam when you start your studies or if you want to practice questions or take a full exam.

    The specimen always illustrates the most up to date format of the exams.

  • Practice exams

    Practice exams are based on actual past exam content but have been updated to align with any syllabus, structure or format changes. 

    To get maximum benefit from these you should attempt the questions to time and then mark your answer in the platform using the marking guide and examiners suggested answer.

    You should try to complete 2 full practice exams under exam conditions as part of your revision activities.