Student Accountant app

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Isobel Wroath: Hello, and welcome to this short ACCA podcast.

My name is Isobel Wroath, part of the learner experience team at ACCA.

Today I'm introducing the student accountant app, a fantastic resource, which helps guide you through your ACCA journey.

I'm going to give you a brief overview of the app, and how it helps you as a student. But before we dive into the amazing content, let's talk about how to access the app.

You can download Student Accountant from iTunes or Google Play. And we really recommend opting in to receive push notifications, as this will ensure you don't miss out on important updates that you need to be aware of as an ACCA student.

The Student Accountant app acts as a guide through the ACCA Qualification.It includes important updates about exams, careers advice, interviews with employers, students and members, as well as news from the accountancy world, ACCA news, and much more. The app is split into different topic areas with an inbuilt customisation feature, enabling you to choose the content that's most relevant to you.

So let's take a look at the topics. And let's start with those focused on exams. The app content includes Foundation level, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional topics. The app allows you to stay up to date on all the new study resources that you need for each stage of study. You'll be notified of upcoming exam webinars hosted by expert tutors, the latest student podcasts, as well as newly published technical articles, and exam debrief videos. This is a really easy way to stay informed of all the latest support and advice, and it'll help you prepare for exams effectively.

But the Student Accountant app isn't all about studying exams. It also covers a range of subjects related to your professional development. Topic areas include careers and practical experience, ethics and professionalism and the Oxford Brookes University degree. The careers and practical experience content is designed to help you navigate ACCA’s practical experience requirement. It will also help you discover the skills you need for professional success. Head here for advice on key career steps, including tips on optimising your job search, improving your CV and tackling interviews.

The Student Accountant app is brilliant for keeping up to date with the changes within the accountancy profession. Some recently published articles have included a focus on the five post pandemic career skills considered as essential by global analysts, as well as guidance from ACCA on how students could continue to complete PR during the Covid 19 pandemic. You'll also find on the app guidance on how to be an ethical student through practical advice on approaching the Ethics and Professional Skills module of the ACA qualification. In this section of the app, you'll find video content that explains how the EPSM supports your exam preparation. You can also hear from ACCA students who talk about their own experiences with the EPSM and how it helped them achieve success.

The app also gives you access to some of the most inspiring ACCA members featuring interviews and valuable insight into how becoming a member benefited their careers. They also provide useful advice on how they progress with their studies, how they maintained a study life balance and what it took for them to achieve membership.

There are two more topics covered by the app. The first is global focus, and the next is ACCA news. These topic areas keep students informed of important updates such as exam news, exam session pass rates, ACCA research, topical analysis and emerging trends affecting the accounting and business world. So for all this great content and more, download the Student Accountant app today.

Thanks for listening and goodbye.