ACCA’s student YouTube channel

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Isobel Wroath: Hello everyone, I'm Isobel Wroath, part of the learner experience team at ACCA. Welcome to another short podcast. Today I want to introduce the ACCA student YouTube channel. We'll look at how its structured, and discover how it connects to other ACCA learning resources.

The ACCA student YouTube channel is designed to help you easily navigate to the most relevant content for you.

On the channel's homepage, you'll find three sections corresponding to the applied knowledge, applied skills, and strategic professional stages of the ACCA Qualification.

Our channel also contains one section dedicated to the ethical and professional skills module, and another which offers guidance on choosing a pathway through qualification.

So let's break this down further. Each of the sections includes multiple playlists.

The sections focusing on the Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional levels are all arranged by exam.

The playlists within these sections include a series of videos arranged in the most logical order to guide your learning.

Each exam playlist starts with a basic introductory video. This is obviously a great place to begin, if you're just starting out and need an overview.

These videos introduce exam topics and give you a sense of how they'll be examined.

The exam playlists also provide key information on the techniques that you need to master in order to achieve exam success.

You'll discover useful tips and advice on using the study support sections at

We recommend watching these videos before you attempt questions using the ACCA practice platform. Doing so will allow you to competently prepare your individual approach to question practice and revision more widely.

Navigating your way through the ACCA Qualification

Every student will have different things they need to consider when plotting their journey through exams. This ranges from careers, exemptions, as well as personal circumstances and family commitments. And we know this has the potential to feel overwhelming at first.

So if you need help choosing your exam route. Our pathway videos are a must watch.

Start with the introductory video, which explains the basic information you need to be aware of before watching the other pathways content.

As before, the rest of the videos focus on the applied knowledge, applied skills and strategic professional levels of the ACCA Qualification.

They provide an overview of the number of exams involved each stage, as well as giving you recommendations on where you could start, and which exams underpin later papers. For students at strategic professional level. You'll also be guided through the compulsory exams and given advice on how to choose your two options exams.

Finally, the last section on the ACCA student YouTube channel is dedicated to the Ethics and Professional Skills module and how it contributes towards successful learning.

As before, this section comprises of playlists, which breaks the topic down into useful bitesize videos. For example, in this section, you'll find a playlist that explains why you should complete the module.

Whether you're at the beginning or nearing the end of your exam journey, it's important to understand why and how the ESPM will support you in both work and studies.

Choose the video relevant to where you are in your journey and discover the benefits do it completing the ESPM at the right time, and how it can support you in exam success.

And that's not all you'll find on the ACCA student YouTube channel.

As you may be already aware, ACCA runs regular webinars for students. If you can't make the live sessions, or you just want to rewatch the content in your own time, head to our YouTube channel to watch them on demand.

This provides the perfect opportunity to revisit and absorb the information at your own pace.

Before I go, one last tip. If you want to stay up to date with the latest videos on this channel, hit the subscribe button. And of course, please do like and share the content with your fellow students. Thanks for listening. Goodbye.