Student Virtual Learning Centre

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Isobel Wroath: Hello, and welcome to this short ACCA podcast.

I'm Isobel Wroath, part of the learner experience team at ACCA.

Today I'm introducing the student Virtual Learning Centre. Another free ACCA resource that helps students get ready for their next exam.

Find the student VLC platform at

To access this resource, you'll need to set up a new account. This platform is not linked to your my ACCA account. And that's why you'll be asked to register using a username and email address. But once done, you'll be directed to the student VLC homepage, where you can access self-check quizzes that support your learning.

There are three sections of the student VLC the first section focuses on English language skills, containing listening and reading tests. This is a useful resource for anyone who'd like to understand their current level of English. The second section of the site contains four self-check maths tests, which are designed to assess your mathematical ability. These tests cover a range of subjects at varying levels of difficulty, and contain a mixture of multiple choice and numerical questions.

But let's now take an in depth look at the third section of the student VLC. This section is dedicated to assessing your underpinning knowledge of ACCA exams. Once you know this, you can prepare more efficiently for your next exam. There are quizzes for all exams with an underpinning paper at Applied Skills and Strategic Professional level. To access these from the student VLC homepage, simply click on the section named get ready for your next ACCA exam. And the list of relevant exam topics will appear.

Let's take performance management as an example. And an important factor in performance management exam success is the underpinning knowledge from management accounting. Access the performance management section, and you'll discover five self-check quizzes, which cover key syllabus areas and are designed to refresh core management accounting concepts that you'll build on when studying performance management.

All the self-check tests contain 10 to 15 questions containing a mixture of multiple choice, numerical and matching question styles. Each question contains requirement and provides the information that you need to answer it. You can return to questions if needed, and your progress is saved. If you want to, pause and return to the quiz later. Once you've completed the test, submit your answers and you'll be given your test results. The student VLC provides tailored feedback according to your test score. It'll suggest useful resources that will help you depending on your level of knowledge. You can also review your answers. So you know where you went right, and which answers were incorrect. You'll also receive an explanation on how the correct answer is reached.

Now there's one last area of this great resource that I want to highlight. To help you solidify your knowledge we've developed knowledge recap e-learning modules, head to the Advanced Performance Management section. There you'll find five e-learning modules that align to the self-check quizzes, we recommend accessing these modules. After you've completed the related self-check quiz. It'll be a chance to identify and fill any gaps in your underpinning knowledge. These modules are divided into engaging and interactive learning topics, including videos, short quiz style questions, as well as longer practice examples where you're need to do some calculations. At the end of each topic, there are a series of knowledge check questions to consolidate your learning. You can return to these knowledge recaps as often as you like, and your progress will be saved.

So why not head to the student VLC today to access these brilliant self-check quizzes, and begin planning for exam success. Thanks very much for listening. Goodbye.