Oxana Nikorich: why I decided to train with ACCA

Oxana Nikorich is a trainee accountant studying for the ACCA Qualification in Russia. We asked Oxana some questions about her experience of studying ACCA.

Oxana, please tell us something unique about yourself

I live in Saint-Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia - I love the spirit of Saint-Pete. I am a mom of two kids, and I have one dog and an axolotl - so it’s quite a busy schedule managing all of this. I speak Russian and English, and it is interesting that my English language progressed rapidly whilst studying ACCA.

In the beginning, I bought my first ACCA study book “Accountant and Business” - I translated it from the beginning to the end - and then I decided to register with ACCA. I do strive to learn more generally, and I am also currently studying both German and Spanish languages.

Outside of work, what are your passions?

I am very passionate about all things interior design. I collect small frescoes and make self-designed decorative items.

What unique difference will you offer a business?

I do my best to enhance the effectiveness of business processes, to implement new programs and instruments into my work. I gain knowledge and skills with each exam - it helps me to understand processes that could work automatically in my organization, or how I can change some analytical processes. The approach “Learn and implement” works.

Tell us about the culture you look for in a business….

To tell a long story short, I can identify three pillars of our business culture: Good teamwork, clear goal setting, and definite results.

Tell us about why you chose to study with ACCA

The ACCA Qualification is highly relevant to my profession and offers the opportunity to receive quality knowledge and skills. For me ACCA is opportunity, my professional development, my confidence. I chose to study ACCA whilst being on maternity leave as I have time during maternity leave. Before that I used to work as a bookkeeper, so after carefully analysis I found that ACCA met my requirements.

Tell us about your ambitions for the future…

I would like to be an internationally qualified and recognized professional in finance, to join the ACCA members family and to be a part of this community.

Tell us about the traits it has helped you develop and how you’ve brought them into your company.

My skills in efficiency and productivity have increased which has which makes me a better worker overall. Preparing for the ACCA exams I use different techniques, e.g. I solved a lot of cases and worked on over 1000 exercises - this practical knowledge helps me a lot in my work.

Oxana Nikorich, ACCA Member

If there’s one thing that makes ACCA training unique, tell us what it is

Flexibility. I am self-confident person, very persistent - I prepared myself for all exams. ACCA allows you to prepare with a learning provider, but if you want to prepare by yourself there are a lot of resources, including videos, cases, and study-books that help you to master the skills.

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