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Role: Financial manager

As a financial manager, you could end up managing more than just finance 

What is a financial manager?

The role of financial manager varies significantly depending on the size and complexity of an organisation.

For example, in larger organisations you could be undertaking focused activities such as strategic analysis based on a range of factors including sustainability that helps senior managers to make the best decisions. That could include interpreting financial information and predicting future trends.

In smaller organisations you can expect to have a much broader range of responsibilities, perhaps even managing the entire finance function. Some financial managers even go on to oversee cross-function teams of IT and administration staff as well.

How do I achieve it?

Financial manager is a crucial role in any organisation, irrespective of size. Key skills that will help you are strategic analysis, relationship management, decision-making and communication.

Those interested in becoming a financial manager will benefit from taking the ACCA Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams, after which you can progress to Strategic Professional.

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Financial manager is a crucial role in any organisation, irrespective of size

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