Talent and retention in Thai audit practices

This talent attraction and retention survey covers the Big Four accounting firms and four other medium-sized accounting firms (‘mid-tier’ firms) in Thailand. The report flags out material variances between different categories of respondents for further discussion and provides insights to the key attraction/ retention and push factors affecting the professional staff as well as highlight areas for improvement.


In December 2012, ACCA conducted an online survey to investigate the views of audit staff employed in accounting practices in Thailand. In total, the survey received 1,364 responses, representing approximately 43% of the total audit staff strength from eight accounting firms.

Key findings

  • 49% of the respondents expressed satisfaction with their current career choice in external audit
  • 54% intend to leave their role in external audit in their current firm within 4 years
  • 80% felt that their superiors will make a genuine effort to understand their concerns and will try to retain them if they decide to leave
  • 58% said they might have reconsidered joining or staying on if their current firm was solely an audit-practice.
  • 75% would like to be sent on an overseas secondment given the opportunity
  • 63% identified flexible hours as one of the top initiatives their firms have implemented
  • 20% would like to be a partner.

The report concludes that a lack of talent is one of the most significant issues within audit profession and that it is critical for all stakeholders to participate actively and collaborate to ensure that the attractiveness of a career in external audit is further enhanced.