ACCA and Capitalise's Free CPD accredited learn modules

How you can help your clients by better understanding their needs

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ACCA and Capitalise have joined forces to deliver free learning modules that will help you, the accountant, to better understand the needs of your clients. They will help you understand the options available and discuss hot topics like:

  • the importance of credit scores
  •  the rise of sustainable funding
  • how to approach these conversations to help you get closer to your clients.

As well as hearing from the Capitalise team, you will be introduced to a series of subject experts who will expand and enhance your knowledge around these key subjects.

Capitalise and ACCA

Capitalise was established in 2015 to help make the increasingly complex funding landscape easier to understand for small businesses and their trusted advisers.

Capitalise works with over 100 lenders, from Fintech to traditional banks and alternative lenders, as well as numerous other capital partners to support funding. Its funding solutions include working capital, invoice finance, secured and merchant funding. Partnering with accountants to help deliver funding, Capitalise discovered that small businesses were four times more likely to get access to the capital they needed.

Today, Capitalise works with more than 3,000 accountants across the UK and South Africa and has delivered over £1bn in approved funding offers, supporting almost 10,000 small businesses, across a range of sectors and size.

Supporting businesses further, Capitalise can also assist with credit improvement, debt recovery, R&D Tax credits and grants. This helps accountants better support their clients and create healthier and more sustainable balance sheets.

Case-study: how Capitalise helped MAP accountants