Section 8 of the Professional Qualifications Act 2022 requires all Recognised Supervisory Bodies to publish information on requirements for members to practice in the United Kingdom.

Having made the fantastic decision to invest in your future by choosing ACCA as your route to becoming a qualified finance professional, the final step in the student process is applying to become an ACCA member.

At that point if you are thinking that your future could be in public practice, you should consider whether you will need a practising certificate in order to maximise your career goals.

If you decide to train towards an ACCA practising certificate you need to consider the experience that you are gaining and what public practice work you intend to do in the future. ACCA has two types of practising certificate:

·       ACCA practising certificate

·       ACCA practising certificate and audit qualification

Once you have completed your training and obtained your practising certificate (and audit qualification) you can download all the forms that you might need right here.  This includes the application for a firm’s auditing certificate.

In the six months (to 31 March 2024) no individuals applied, and went on to become a person responsible for audit in the UK following the direct membership route.

You can also register to provide the following additional services:

·       ATOL reporting accountant registration

·       Exempt regulated activities