Booking an on demand CBE

As on-demand CBEs are available to book outside of our four exam sessions, the exam booking process is different to our paper-based and session CBE exams. Find out more here.

How to book - centre based exams

Follow these simple steps to book a centre based exam:

  • Find a centre offering on-demand CBEs. You can access our on-demand CBE centre list here
  • Make arrangements to sit your exam(s) directly with the CBE centre.
  • Pay the CBE centre directly for the exam(s) you wish to sit.
  • On exam day, your identity will be checked by the invigilator. Further validity and eligibility checks are carried out, and then the invigilator instructions will be read out.
  • On completion of the exam, your provisional result is displayed on screen. Your result will be transferred to your myACCA records within 72 hours.

How to book - remotely invigilated exams

If you are in a location where it is not possible to sit at one of our exam centres, you may be able to take a remote on-demand CBE.

Find out more information on how to book a remote on-demand CBE

Special centres for on-demand CBEs

For students wishing to sit an on-demand CBE in a country where there is no paper option, it may be possible to arrange to sit at a CBE centre other than those on the CBE centre list.

To request to sit your on-demand CBE at an unlisted CBE centre, email your request to us at with ‘CBE Centre not listed’ as the email subject. You should say when you wish to sit the exam. Please note that it may take up to 12 weeks to arrange a suitable venue.

If it is not possible for us to arrange a CBE centre at the location you have requested, you will be offered the opportunity to sit your exam at the nearest listed CBE centre.

If you are taking exams at a special CBE centre, fees may be higher than at a regular CBE centre.