Exam technique

Good technical knowledge is essential but it's not enough to secure a pass mark in SBL. The examining team want you to apply your knowledge in the context of the exam scenario and requirements. For the Strategic Business Leader exam you are also required to demonstrate the professional skills that employers deem as most in demand in the accountancy sector.


Exam technique includes planning how you will work through the exam, time planning, understanding and breaking down requirements, how to structure your answer and how to convert your plan into a final answer.

SBL Pre-seen from September 2023

Make sure that you are familiar with the changes to SBL, including change to exam duration and the introduction of pre-seen materials from the September 2023 exam session. Pre-seen materials are available two weeks before the SBL exam and must be downloaded from exam planner

How to analyse SBL pre-seen

In this video, expert tutor Sean Purcell provides a practical demonstration of how to analyse and make sense of the pre-seen information provided for the SBL exam, and a suggested approach using the published September 2023 pre seen material.

    How to analyse the SBL pre seen