Consequences of misconduct

To protect the interests of our current and future members we take student misconduct very seriously. Find out more about the damaging consequences students face if they engage in misconduct.

How we investigate misconduct

Misconduct goes against our academic integrity, ethical values and risks undermining or threatening to undermine the validity, credibility, security, and fairness of the ACCA Qualification.

Any attempt to engage in such behaviour is taken extremely seriously. We have rigorous procedures to detect, notify, investigate, determine, and communicate academic misconduct allegations. These procedures ensure that all cases are dealt with in a way that is fair, consistent and without bias, and which lead to effective and appropriate outcomes.

Access our Guide to complaints and disciplinary procedures

Consequences of misconduct

Students who engage in misconduct risk:

  • being removed from ACCA's student register
  • damaging future career prospects
  • personal reputational damage by being publicly sanctioned, having the outcome of disciplinary proceedings published on ACCA's website
  • being liable for costs of the investigation
  • being a victim of crime.

More detailed information on these consequences are provided below.