Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance (CertDIF) 2021 Edition

Introducing the Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance (CertDIF)

Our new certificate is aimed at accountancy, finance, business and advisory professionals who wish to develop their knowledge, skills and awareness of innovations in digital technology and its impact on the finance profession.

It provides an opportunity for professionals working in your organisation to increase their knowledge, develop broader technology skills, and understand how technology can create value for your organisation.

There are no formal educational requirements to begin the certificate.

If your team already have professional accountancy qualifications, this certificate can be a valuable source of CPD. It also provides an opportunity to top up existing competencies with specific knowledge and skills around digital technology, future disruptors and digital transformation.

Team members who don’t currently hold any professional accountancy qualifications can benefit from the opportunity to gain formal recognition of their capabilities.

Learning outcomes

The CertDIF will help your team: 

  • understand how digital technology is disrupting the finance profession
  • increase their awareness of emerging technologies
  • understand what digitalisation can mean for their roles and how to make informed decisions about adopting and using new technologies
  • develop a digital mindset to take a considered view of the emerging technologies
  • stay up to date in this ever-changing and fast-moving area.

Topics covered by the certificate

The certificate is divided into 20 units, each lasting around one hour:

Section A: Here and now Section B: Emerging technolgies Section C: Future disruptors Section D: Digital transformation
1. Introduction 6. Machine learning 11. Blockchain technology 15. Digital transformation: the role of finance
2. Big data  7. Robotic process automation 12. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency 16. Developing a DX strategy
3. Data analytics 8. Artificial intelligence and intelligence augmentation 13. Deep learning 17. Managing digital change
4. Data science

9. Data preparation, transformation and infrastructure 14. Embedded and self-serve analytics 18. Digitising internal processes
5. Analytic tools 10. Data visualisation   19. Digitising products and services
      20. Digital finance: where do you fit in?

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