ACCA UK has three offices nationally throughout the UK with our main office in London. We are here to support our members, students, and affiliates throughout their ACCA journey in the UK.

ACCA UK provides regular member communications via email and coordinates face to face meetings between members, students, and affiliates.

We offer many programmes and resources to members in order to support their professional and personal journeys. 

Member networks

Regional member networks in the UK with no fewer than 39 regional members' networks covering the whole of the UK, help is always at hand, including online services.

Learn more about our networks by country:

Our networks run professional events, CPD, and networking opportunities. These locations represent more populous metropolitan areas where more members have success in finding jobs.

Local UK CPD programming

ACCA UK offers local CPD programming of interest to our members, students, employers, and stakeholders in the United Kingdom region.

Our CPD sessions are offered on a monthly basis with a rotating theme:

  • soft skills seminars; 
  • technical/professional insights sessions; and
  • career coach training.

CPD sessions are presented by experienced, high level professionals and supported by ACCA UK staff to answer any questions you might have. Access more information.