We are here to support our members, students, and affiliates throughout their ACCA journey in North America. ACCA North America has six staff members throughout North America, with our main office in Toronto, Canada. We provide regular member communications via email and coordinate face to face meetings between members, students, and affiliates.

We offer many programs and resources to members in order to support their professional and personal journeys. For more information on ACCA programs and resources to our members and future members, please contact north.america@accaglobal.com to request for a copy of our ACCA North America Orientation Guide

Chapter Network

ACCA North America’s USA Committee Members and Chapter Heads act as advocates on behalf of members and future members in the USA. For newcomers to the country, you can meet and connect with our committee members. If you would like additional support with connecting with one of our Chapter Heads, please contact ACCA North America at north.america@accaglobal.com

ACCA Continuing Professional Development and Education

ACCA North America offers virtual webinars and programming to help you earn your continuing professional development credits. Upcoming workshops are promoted through the ACCA North America monthly newsletter. If you have questions regarding our calendar of offerings or to receive our monthly newsletter, please contact the ACCA North America team at north.america@accaglobal.com

For ACCA members and future members who have earned their US CPA, ACCA North American is also a National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) CPE Sponsor, meaning we can offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to US CPA holders. These CPE sessions are also promoted in our monthly newsletter.