Providers of Financial Reporting Standards

Financial Reporting Council (FRC)

In the UK, the FRC is the independent regulator responsible for promoting high quality corporate governance and reporting.  Standards of corporate governance are promoted through the UK Corporate Governance Code. 

The FRC sets standards for corporate reporting within the UK and monitors and enforces those standards. 

It also oversees the regulatory activities of the professional accountancy bodies, and operates independent disciplinary arrangements for public interest cases involving accountants. 

The FRC Board is supported by two governance committees and three regulatory committees:

Regulatory Standards & Codes Committee

The Regulatory Standards and Codes Committee remit entails high quality, effective and proportionate standards, codes and guidance for corporate governance, corporate reporting, stewardship, audit and assurance, and actuarial work.

Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee is responsible for the oversight the FRC’s enquiries, investigations and enforcement function, ensuring that appropriate cases are investigated and conducted fairly, in the public interest, in a timely manner and in accordance with due process and the Regulators code.

Supervision Committee

The Supervision Committee is responsible for overseeing the FRC's delegated statutory supervisory and oversight functions and its non-statutory monitoring work, with the aim of serving the public interest by promoting high professional standards in accounting, audit, actuarial work and corporate reporting.

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