Strategic Professional exams

This unique blend of skills, real-world focus and specialisation options will super-charge careers and impress employers.

What will Strategic Professional give you?

  1. A great career start: The skills needed to make an immediate impact. And a broad range of options to specialise studies to match aspirations - giving control over career direction. 
  2. Employability: Enhanced career opportunities by proving to employers you have the blend of skills they need.
  3. Two world-renowned qualifications: Simultaneously attain the world-leading ACCA designation and an internationally recognised MSc.

Become a strategic professional

With Strategic Professional, we set a new standard by fully integrating deep, broad and relevant technical expertise with ethics and professional skills. Because every element has a real-world focus, students will be well-prepared to handle the challenges they face in the workplace.

Options exams - a unique opportunity to specialise

Our Options exams offer the unique opportunity to specialise in areas of greatest relevance to a chosen sector or career path. The advanced specialist expertise gained builds on the broad, cross-sector relevant, technical foundation that all ACCA students gain.

What students can achieve

On completion of the Strategic Professional exams, completion of the Professional Experience Requirement and the Ethics and Professional Skills module students can apply to become an ACCA member.

On becoming an ACCA member, they will be recognized globally as a strategic, forward thinking professional accountant, opening doors to the most sought after job roles and becoming part of the largest network or professional accountants in the world.

The Strategic Professional exams are benchmarked at UK Master's degree level.

Exam fees and estimated time for completion

To find out the Strategic Professional exam fees visit our fees section.

Completion of the Strategic Professional exams element could take between 12-18 months.

Depending on when students take their exams, Ethics and Professional Skills module and complete the Professional Experience Requirement, becoming an ACCA member could take between three to four years.

Job opportunities on completion

Completing the ACCA Qualification opens the door to a wide range of opportunities and to work in senior financial roles anywhere in the world.  Find out more about the job roles our members take up.