What happens next?

Acknowledging your application 

ACCA will send you an acknowledgement once your application has been received. If your application is not eligible for submission – because you did not meet all the criteria listed - you will also be notified.

Selection process 

There are three stages in the selection process. Below are key dates and details on how the process will be administered.


Key dates

13th April 2020

Opening date for applications

26th June 2020

Closing date for receipt of applications

14th August 2020

Five Scholarship winners selected by judging panel

28th August 2020

Scholarship winners announced

You will be notified if you are among the 20 finalists whose application will be reviewed by the judging panel.

ACCA is not able to provide individual feedback to applicants who are not shortlisted/successful.

The five Scholarship winners will be notified by ACCA, via email, that their application has been successful. All winners will be sent an information pack and letter confirming that they will receive funds from the Simpson Scholarship.