Are you ready for membership?

You are eligible to become an ACCA member as soon as you've completed:

  • your exams
  • the Ethics and Professional Skills Module*
  • the practical experience requirement by:
    • achieving 36 months' in a relevant accountancy or finance role
    • completing the required nine performance objectives or claiming the Approved Employer performance objective exemption
    • getting all of your experience signed off by your practical experience supervisor.

So make sure that you:

  • Regularly update your PER progress using My Experience. If you don’t you’ll miss the opportunity to receive an invite to become a member quickly and smoothly.
  • Keep copies of any documentation relating to your employment and relevant work experience; this may be required for PER audit purposes.
  • Complete the Ethics and Professional Skills Module.*
  • Keep your contact details up-to-date, particularly your email address, to ensure you receive your invitation to become an ACCA member.

*EPSM service update – 21 July 2023

EPSM is now accessible for affiliates and students via their myACCA. Please be aware that due to the exceptionally high volume of users currently accessing these modules, users may experience slower loading/performance times than they would normally do so.

Access FAQs on FIP/EPSM/RPEM service issues

Getting your invitation to membership

All you have to do, once you have completed the steps above, is simply wait to receive your invitation. We will track your progress towards meeting the membership requirements then email or write to invite you to become a member as soon as you are ready. There is no need to apply.

Still want to apply?

You can still apply for membership once you have completed the steps above. You can do so online at myACCA or download and complete the application form in the Related Documents section and return it to us. 

Need more guidance? 

We want you to have a smooth and speedy transition to ACCA membership so here is some good advice to help ease you through the membership admission process.

Not ready yet?

If you are not yet ready for membership then we are happy to support you as you continue working towards completing your PER. Please remember to keep updating My Experience with your progress.