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Sector: Public practice

Help businesses, governments and individuals with a wide range of financial and business issues.

What is public practice?

Going into public practice means joining an accountancy or professional services firm that provides services to a broad range of businesses, governments and individuals - and other organisations such as charities and public sector bodies.

The opportunities in public practice are extensive. You could be preparing their accounts, handling tax issues, undertaking audits, or providing specialist advice and support on financial and business matters.

Accountancy and professional services firms can range in size from the ‘Big Four’ to mid-sized practices such as BDO and Grant Thornton. They also include many small high street practices and self-employed consultants.

Roles in this sector

Read about some of the roles you could undertake

  • External auditor
  • Forensic accountant
  • Compliance/governance officer
  • Financial accountant
  • Partner
  • Business adviser
  • Tax accountant 
  • Insolvency practitioner
  • Payroll

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