The 2018 summit

Event poster for the ACCA Hong Kong CFO summit 2018, which is called 'Emotional intelligence: a leader's edge in the AI future'

About the summit

In this era of innovation, the hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and robots is soaring. Policymakers, business communities and individuals alike are seeking to understand the reality of the technology, how it is progressing, how it is being applied, and how social concerns can be addressed. All these revolutions bring up the urgency of training people with high value added skills and ethical standards that will be critical in this new era of human-machine collaboration. Accounting and finance being data-intensive industries, will inevitably be facing tremendous changes.

How do we deal with downsizing? How can we manage machines? Does it mean diminishing influence of human culture? How to define and regulate challenging new moral questions brought by AI? In order to lead in today’s complex and highly dynamic business environment, emotional intelligence (EQ) can be the critical success factor that sets true leaders apart from the rest of the pack. Come join us at the ACCA Hong Kong CFO Summit 2018, and engage in conversations on how we can be game-changing leader in the digital future.

Expected delegates

Over 150 CEOs, CFOs and senior finance leaders are expected to attend.

Conference sponsors

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