It’s important to keep in mind that CPD isn’t just about attending external courses. While external courses provide great opportunities to maintain and develop your knowledge and skills, workplace learning is also an excellent way to gain CPD during the year.

In fact, provided the learning is relevant to your role or future career aspirations then lots of different activities can count as CPD, including:  

  • webinars
  • online courses by an external provider or provided internally by your employer
  • face-to-face courses by an external provider or provided internally by your employer
  • work shadowing
  • on-the-job training
  • undertaking research or self-study, for example to carry out a new task or project or to write publications and technical articles
  • attending meetings (where new learning is gained)
  • attending conferences
  • attending workshops
  • podcasts
  • online articles
  • committees/ panels/ discussion groups
  • additional qualifications
  • coaching or mentoring (either being coached or mentored by someone else, or completing learning to carry out coaching or mentoring yourself)
  • networking

We recognise the availability of some CPD events will have been reduced due to the impact of covid-19 and we would encourage you to look for alternative ways to undertake CPD, such as online courses, as well as recognising the learning and development you may have gained addressing covid-19 challenges.

Remember that you don’t always need to pay for CPD. You can browse our CPD resource finder for a range of free and paid-for events and courses near you, as well as articles, e-learning, webinars, research and qualifications relevant to your career path.

Look back through your work calendar and diary to help you remember any learning you’ve done during the year. You can then add this learning to your CPD record. Once you’ve met any outstanding requirements you can then complete your CPD declaration via myACCA.