If you’re having problems with your CPD, please let us know as soon as you can so we can help. You might be eligible for a different route or even a waiver, without realising it.

If you’ve not met the CPD requirement for the year, you must still make a CPD declaration to confirm that you’ve not met the requirement and that you understand that CPD is a requirement for your continuing membership, via myACCA. We’ll then contact you about making up any CPD shortfall and ask you to submit an updated declaration when you’ve fulfilled your CPD requirements.

If your CPD shortfall relates to last year, then any CPD you do this year will firstly go to making up that shortfall to then allow you to submit/resubmit your CPD declaration for last year when you have fulfilled your CPD requirements. Only then will you begin to accrue CPD to meet your current year’s requirements.

Remember that you may be able to carry forward CPD from last year. If you completed more than 21 verifiable units last year, you can carry forward up to 21 excess verifiable units to the current year. You must have exceeded the minimum requirement of 40 CPD units overall last year. Non-verifiable units cannot be carried forward.

If you have already been granted a CPD waiver and have met your adjusted requirement, you should submit your CPD declaration to confirm that you have completed 19 units of non-verifiable CPD, plus any verifiable CPD units not covered by your waiver, via myACCA. You should select the ‘Unit route’ in your declaration.